About Me

Hi there! My name is Sarah. I’m a violinist, but I’m pretty sure I was a chef in another life.

My parents were in the air force, which means I got to be born in a really cool place! I was born in Germany, I speak German, and I love German food. After a couple of years my family moved back to the states to Buffalo, New York for a short time. But, let’s face it, the northeast gets pretty cold in the winter.

So, they decided on South Carolina and down we went. I spent fifteen wonderful years in the south before making my way back to western New York for school. I’d had my eye on the Eastman School of Music for five years, so when I got in I jumped at it. I was ready to brave the cold!

Now I’ve finished my degree and I convinced my boyfriend that Boston is the place to be, so we moved into a great apartment in Quincy that has a gas stove!

They make magical things happen to food.

Other than violin and cooking whatever I can get my hands on, I love hiking, going to the beach, basically being outside as much as possible, staring at Pinterest for hours on end, and taking pictures of everything I see.


Love, Sarah


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