Asparagus Risotto

Well, WordPress went and changed on me!  Hopefully this will all turn out right?

I’ve had an issue in the past where my photos showed up too small and the words and pictures were spaced way too far apart.  If you’re having the same issue and you’ve figured out some magic, help me out, pretty please?

I was hunting around the internet for a way to use some asparagus before it goes out of season and gets all tough.  I’ve never made risotto before so I decided to go for this one.  It’s really good!  If you are vegetarian, simply use vegetarian stock.

A note on stock…good risotto starts with good stock.  If you have the time and patience, make you’re own!  Or go for one of the nicer brands of canned/boxed stock.  Don’t be like me and try this with the cheapest stock in the store.  This was really good, but I think it could have been magical.

tart by bringing four cups of stock to a boil and then lower to a simmer.  I got all fancy with mine and added a sprig of rosemary after the stock boiled.

Add a tablespoon of butter to a hot pan.  You want something that gives you some room to move around.  Risotto’s creaminess should come ultimately from the rice, not the cheese at the end.  The more the rice moves, the more starch it releases.  Pretty cool, huh?

 didn’t have the shallots I needed, so I chopped up half of an onion and a clove of garlic.  Cook until softened, but don’t burn the garlic!

dd a cup of arborio rice to the pan.  Get it all coated and pretty in that butter.  

You can’t use regular long grain rice for this.  You’ll just end up with a pile of mush!

At this point you will add stock a ladleful at a time, stirring vigorously between each ladle, until the stock is absorbed. Continue until the rice is cooked but still has some bite.

 added my chopped asparagus to the stock just at the end when it was getting really low, but you could just add it into the pan with the last bit of stock.

inish with another tablespoon of butter and some cheese.  The recipe I used called for parmesan, but you know me, I didn’t have it and I used a four-cheese mix that had asiago, fontina, parmesan, and romano.


Jerad said this was one of his favorite things that I’d ever cooked for him, so I guess it turned out alright!

I have a lot more delicious things coming for you soon.  We took another trip to Wegmans today and I spent half of my paycheck on groceries.  Oops.

Here’s a picture of our cart (the reason we usually avoid the big carts):






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One Response to Asparagus Risotto

  1. Carol says:

    looks really good 🙂 you know we love asparagus.

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