Sister Time in Boston

My sister came to visit me a couple weeks ago!  It was a lot of fun and I cooked so much that when she left I was four dishes behind on the blog.  The decision for her to come to Boston happened very suddenly.  She was telling me how she desperately wanted to just get out and go somewhere.  When I managed to find a roundtrip flight, direct both ways, for $150 (including a JetBlue credit I had floating around), we knew it was meant to be.

Here are some pictures from the trip!  Some are silly, some are meant to be inspirations for Tatyana’s painting adventures, and some are just beautiful moments in this city that is now my home.

Our first day in the city was a Friday.  I’d planned on showing my sister a bit of the Financial District.  We met Jerad for lunch at The Taco Truck, watched kids run around like crazy at this awesome ground fountain thing, and then ended up staring at the harbor for the rest of the day, mesmerized by the tranquil sounds of the water.


ImageThis goofy pigeon looks like it’s about to charge!

ImageI always leave this place smiling.



ImagePirate ship!

ImageThere you go, Tatya!  Your Boston profile picture.

Our next adventure was the Boston Public Library.  It’s GORGEOUS.  My sister flipped when we walked into a room that was all encyclopedias.  She’s a big nerd in the best way possible.  We also went to the Skywalk Observatory at the Prudential Center.  It’s basically the best view in Boston.


ImageI was in Hogwarts I MEAN….heaven.


ImagePainting inspiration…perhaps?


ImageI know it’s a lot of pictures but…stay with me.  They’re pretty!

ImageI have been looking everywhere for peach Izzes.  They are really, really, really good. This was the first time I had one in five years.


ImageBefore hitting the skywalk, we stopped to get some dinner in Faneuil Hall and came across this guy!

ImageSome view, huh?

ImageThere were a couple displays up there talking about immigrants coming into Boston. They included this dude…

ImageAnd this lady!

I promise I’m almost done.  Finally, we went to one of those theaters with recliners for seats.  It rocked.

ImageThe drinks were…kinda beggg.

ImageLook how cool they are!

And that’s it!  I really enjoyed having my sister here.  She’s the first family member to see the new place with her own eyes.  

Here’s one of Le Boyfriend in an obnoxiously big chair.  Enjoy the giggles.






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  1. Gma says:

    enjoyed your pictures 🙂

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