Did it hurt?!

When you fell…out of heaven?

ImageI don’t have enough words to describe how much I love this place.  I will start by saying it has the best selection, some of the best prices, and the best atmosphere of your everyday grocery store.  If you have one, go there.  Then, shop there forever.

Then, sob when you move to an area where the closest Wegmans is an hour away.

There is only ONE Wegmans in Massachusetts.  Jerad and I have been planning to take a trip to this Wegmans since before we moved here.  But, things got crazy busy and we haven’t had the chance.  We both had our new jobs and a lot of stuff on our plate.  At least we get our couch on Saturday!  Yay!

Boston/Quincy has Roche Bros, Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Star Market, and Stop and Shop.  I know this sounds like quite a variety, but none of them can even TOUCH Wegmans when it comes to a balance of quality and prices.  Here’s how our experiences went:

Whole Foods, “Wow!  We just spent a hundred bucks!  Now…what did we buy?”
Roche Bros, “Ummm five dollars for cereal?  No, thank you.”
Star Market, “Let’s get our stuff and leave.  Now.”

I haven’t been to Stop and Shop, and I love Trader Joes.  When I’m looking for all natural snacks and quirky ingredients, it’s where I go.  I got a bottle of tart cherry juice for $3.99 (as opposed to $7+ for one bottle).  I love mixing it with sparkling water. If you haven’t tried this, do it.  It’s delicious and refreshing.

Finally, the photos you have been waiting for.  

ImageWegmans has a pretty awesome EVERYTHING.  Excuse me, ahem, they have an awesome sushi bar.  You can buy some of the ingredients separately, such as the lovely octopus above, as well as a variety of raw, cooked, and vegetarian dishes.

ImageThis is a great place to get your sushi fix.  They also have a great prepared food selection (pizzza, sups, wings, Chinese, Indian, etc.).


ImageIt’s a sea of oysters!  They were even giving out free samples.

ImageMeat.  It’s a glorious aisle of meat!

ImageIsn’t it beautiful?

ImageI can’t even speak.  CHOCOLATE. 

ImageThese are the lovely ladies of Wild Friends Nut Butter, Keeley and Erika!  They create some fantastic and unique blends of peanut butter.  We sampled Chocolate Coconut, Cinnamon Raisin, and Honey Pretzel.  Yum!  I’ll definitely be coming up with a way to make something with the Cinnamon Raisin peanut butter I bought today, including a gluten-free cookie recipe they recommended.

Visit their facebook page, or their Wild Friends website!

ImageThis is something you only expect to see in specialty tea shops.  It is an aisle of loose leaf teas.  There were so many different kinds that if we’d smelled them all (including smelling, freaking out about how great they smelled, and taking the time to calm down and move on to another one), we would have been there all day.

ImageThis one has lavender in it.  


ImageI wanted to buy ALL OF THE PRODUCE.

Mwahaha…haha..ha.  Okay.

ImageMy last photo from the trip, their amazing bread.  That’s the Wegmans logo.

I never thought I would find a grocery store that the mere thought of would send me into a girly giggling fit, but I have.  I can’t wait to cook everything I bought today and share it with you!


BONUS, because I love ya:

ImageTonight’s dinner was whole wheat angel hair with a basil-arugula pesto (made with gruyere) and Wegmans Italian marinated chicken.  This stuff is so good.


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Hello! My name is Sarah. I'm a violinist and I love everything to do with food. Follow me on my cooking and eating adventures!
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