Arugula Pizza!


I’m having an arugula fest right now because I don’t want the delicious organic box of it in my fridge to go to waste.  When you can buy organic for less money than NOT organic, you buy it!  I think?

I wanted to give you a really easy recipe after my Tequila-Pepper Jelly Chicken and Snazzy Pesto, which was a bit intense.  This is so easy, you could read a book, paint your toenails (ew), spend a few minutes trying not to fall asleep on the floor after a hard day of work, have a glass of wine, take the time to feel guilty for the results of your foodie ways, and then dismiss those feelings of guilt.

Because food is good.  It is very good.

I make some really great “this is so easy you could”/”I feel so confident in this I would” claims.  For example, besides the lovely example above, I feel so safe in the neighborhood I grew up in that I would feel okay leaving all of my car windows open and the doors unlocked, on the street, and eat the keys.  I don’t do this, but I could.

Moooooving on to pizza.

ImageYou could either be awesome and make your own pizza dough, or be lazy like me and use one out of a tube.  Remember, we’re going for lie-down-on-the-floor-face-down easy.  Follow your instructions.  I pre-baked my crust at 400 degrees for eight minutes.

ImageWhen I buy sauce, I buy Classico.  I love this stuff.

ImageGrate up enough cheese to make you happy.  I used up the rest of my fontina.  It wasn’t quite enough, but it was still a pizza.

ImageSAWW-SUH.  If you haven’t watched Epic Meal Time, you should.  You will be antagonized by deliciousness and disgusted at the same time.

ImageSob for a moment about your lack of cheese, then pat yourself on the back, because it’ll be okay.

ImageBake this for about eight more minutes (until your crust is golden and crispy).  Admire your creation.  You could totally stop here, but I needed my fill of greens for the day.

ImageThis is the best way to cut pizza.

ImageYummy!  I threw on a handful of arugula and a sprinkle of balsamic vinegar, as well as some fresh black pepper.



About mygasstove

Hello! My name is Sarah. I'm a violinist and I love everything to do with food. Follow me on my cooking and eating adventures!
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3 Responses to Arugula Pizza!

  1. Gorgeous! I love arugula on a pizza 🙂

  2. White Pearl says:

    This pizza looks interesting ! Love the idea 🙂

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