Fig and Prosciutto Sandwich

This sandwich was so good that we bought another loaf of bread the next night and had it again.  A while ago I found a list called 25 Gourmet Sandwiches for Guys.  I posted it to my Pinterest page and drooled over each and every sandwich on this list for ages.  Two of my favorites are the spicy crab salad and the roast beef with horseradish and cucumbers.

Side note: I have a crazy love for horseradish.  I always buy mustard that has the spicy goodness in it, and whenever I have shrimp cocktail, I mix extra horseradish into my cocktail sauce.  You’ll probably see a horseradish something on here eventually.

When I showed Jerad this list, he immediately decided on the fig and prosciutto sandwich.  We went to the grocery store, had a few impulse buys, and got our supplies.  We couldn’t find fresh figs (I think they’ve gone out of season?), so we went with a fig spread we’d been eyeing for some time.

ImageHere it is.  This stuff is delicious and we can’t stop eating it.  It has little bits of fig in it that I just want to eat forever.

ImageI went with fontina, but you could also use mozzarella.

ImageI absolutely love arugula.  It’s crunch and flavorful and it doesn’t make my teeth feel funny the way spinach does.  I plan on using it for a pesto sometime in the future. Right now, I have this huge thing of arugula in my fridge that I’m trying to use up, so comment if you have suggestions!

ImageThis is so easy.  Layer and grill.

ImageI love prosciutto on crusty bread.

ImageThrow on a pile of arugula, slather some fig spread on the other side of your bread, and either cook it up in a pan or put it on your panini press.  We went with a George Foreman.

If you are looking for something easy, but you’re also feeling a bit fancy, this is the sandwich for you.



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Hello! My name is Sarah. I'm a violinist and I love everything to do with food. Follow me on my cooking and eating adventures!
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2 Responses to Fig and Prosciutto Sandwich

  1. Gma says:

    I’m growing some horseradish for the first time….hopefully I can share it this fall with you.

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