My Kitchen Wish List

ImageThis is a picture of my kitchen…before I filled it with food and dishes and every appliance I’ve managed to get my hands on over the years.  I have a real COUNTER.  In my old place, I had only about a square foot of counter space to work with.  This means I used it for prepping, mixing, organizing, serving, storing, etc.  

When we first moved in, I only used the tiny bit of space to do all of my dirty work.  It’s a lot like the time someone randomly gave me a king-sized bed when I was in high school.  For the first month, I slept in a small corner of it.  I had to learn how to spread myself out like a real teenager.  Now, I’ve learned to spread things out like a cook with a real kitchen.

Everybody has a kitchen wish list.  There is always that special something that would make our lives easier, in the kitchen at least.  Here are the things I spend hours drooling over online, not buying because I am a not-so-starving musician:

A big, sharp chef’s knife.  After using one of these, you go back to your old knife wondering why you have to saw through all of your veggies.  I bet my prep wouldn’t take nearly as long if I didn’t have to work so hard!  Maybe I’m just slow?

An enamled dutch oven.  I see sooooo(oooo…..) many gorgeous braises done in these and I am so jealous of their magic.  I want to justify spending the money on one by the fact that they are super heavy and would probably give me a good workout. Kinda.  Not really.

A fine mesh strainer.  I’m all about building flavor.  Sometimes this involves having bits and pieces of things that you don’t want to eat (but you don’t want to spend a million hours picking out) in a yummy broth.  They also make all kinds of other magic that I have yet to discover.

A spring-form pan.  Oh, how I want to bake all of the goodies that come out perfectly round with deliciousness inside that you cannot flip over onto a rack (which I also don’t have, whoops).  Tarts and cheesecakes, I want you.  I NEED you!

Those are the four things I wish I had in my life.  Comment with your kitchen wish list!



About mygasstove

Hello! My name is Sarah. I'm a violinist and I love everything to do with food. Follow me on my cooking and eating adventures!
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One Response to My Kitchen Wish List

  1. Gma says:

    my kitchen wish list to to have you as my chef 🙂

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