Restaurant Review: Kingston Station

ImageI went to Kingston Station for the first time when Le Boyfriend and I visited Boston for him to have a couple of job interviews.  We actually discovered it by accident!  After his interview, we were excited and starving.  We walked around for a while, looking at menus at the entrances of a few places with our stomach’s growling, until we finally found this place.  

We weren’t sure if it was open, but we decided to give it a go.  The interior is beautiful!  I was surprised how empty this place was, but according to our server, we showed up a couple hours before their usual dinner rush; we got there at about five and the rush starts at seven.

Here we go!

My first experience with this restaurant was phenomenal.  I had the roasted duck leg, with risotto-style potato & wild mushrooms, ginger-orange glazed carrots, and a port deminglace, and Jerad got the seared scallops, with apple & fennel risotto, crispy leeks, and a cider gastrique (pictured above).  We were in heaven!  The duck was tender and beautiful.  The scallops were perfectly cooked.  It was perfect, elegant food.  

ImageLast night, we went again before picking my sister up from the airport.  I had the seared tuna niçoise salad.  I was….mostly happy?  I was so excited about the tuna, but I wasn’t a fan of the herbs used, and the whole salad could have used more acid.  I will say that the greens and all of the ingredients used were crisp and delicious.  

ImageJerad got the Salmon Bánh Mì Burger.  The burger itself was delicious.  It had a lot of really great flavor, so tangy and moist.  Our complaint about this dish was the onion rings.  They were bland, greasy, and not crispy the way onion rings are supposed to be.  We didn’t even finish them.

In general, I think we weren’t in the mood for fish and for some reason we went against our better judgement and got fish anyway.  I will definitely eat here again, just not the onion rings.

Also, the drinks are a lot of fun.



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