Chocolate Banana Pops, with Sprinkles!


I recently got overly excited about sprinkles.  It was all because of Buzzfeed’s article called 41 Places There Should Always Be Sprinkles.  They taste good.  Of course, they’re pure sugar!  They’re pretty.  They just make everything a little more fun.

I have two bad habits when it comes to bananas.  I either buy a bunch and eat all of them in one day, or I buy a bunch and I forget to eat them until they start to get brown spots.  My perfect banana is when it’s all yellow and doesn’t have a single spot.  I don’t eat them with spots, but the spotty ones are usually the best for frozen treats, such as Banana Ice “Cream”.

This time around, I was in the middle of an intense chocolate craving.  I decided that I had to have chocolate covered bananas in some form.  So, we bought some chocolate and went to work!

ImageFirst, slice your bananas in half and stick them with skewers.  Stick this in the freezer for a bit (half an hour or so).  They are easier to work with when they are a little bit cold.

ImageMelt your chocolate using the double boiler method, or whatever way works for you that doesn’t involve scorching it.  It should be shiny and luxurious.  If it starts to get too thick, you’ve overdone it.

Then you just take it off the heat and start spreading it on your bananas!

HUGE TIP: Don’t actually dip your bananas in the chocolate!  You want to keep your chocolate warm, especially if you are doing a few banana pops.  Dipping the bananas cools down your chocolate, making it thicken.  Then it’s impossible to spread onto your bananas.  I simply used a butter knife and used it to spread the chocolate on my bananas.

ImageAfter that, add your sprinkles!  You could try a whole bunch of different toppings (nuts, dried fruit, sea salt, etc.).  Just make sure you get them on there as soon as you finish spreading on the chocolate.  Remember, the bananas are cold, so the chocolate will firm up fast.  The softer it is, the more goodies will stick!



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Hello! My name is Sarah. I'm a violinist and I love everything to do with food. Follow me on my cooking and eating adventures!
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