Smoked Gouda Mac n’ Cheese

ImageI have never successfully made boxed mac n’ cheese.  It’s always too runny or too chunky or, probably the worst one, too buttery.  I made one that was too buttery AND too liquid-y? So gross.

Then, I discovered that making mac n’ cheese the longer way is unbelievably easy.  You basically take your favorite melty cheese(s) and combine it with a few ingredients to make a thick sauce.  I like mine to be really thick and gooey so it clings to the pasta like it’s life depended on it.

ImageFirst, for two people to be very full, add two tablespoons of butter.  I was using medium-ish heat.  Get it all melty and nice.

ImageAdd about a quarter of a cup of flour.  You want this mixture not to be runny, but you don’t want it too dry either.  Cook it until the flour starts to brown a little and it stops smelling like raw flour.

IMPORTANT: In my haste to get everything in the pan, and the fact that my milk threatened to turn into a foamy milk monster, I did not picture the milk step.  Add probably two cups of milk (I eyeballed it…) and stir vigorously until the butter/flour mixture is fully incorporated.  It will start to thicken up quickly.

ImageMy cheese.  Smoked gouda.  Yum!

ImageYou can make this as cheesy or not cheesy as you want, but I added about 3/4 cup of my gouda.  Mix it all up.  Then you just throw the pasta in the warm pan until it looks like……

ImageTHIS!  Oh mac n’ cheese, how I love you…

Add any spices you like.  I only added salt and pepper, but I can imagine this being good with some cayenne, or a little garlic salt, or maybe even…bacon salt?  If I had any I would have tried it.




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Hello! My name is Sarah. I'm a violinist and I love everything to do with food. Follow me on my cooking and eating adventures!
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