Cinnamon-Plum Crêpes

I still can’t seem to type the fancy accent mark in crepes, so I’m just going to leave it un-fancy-fied for the rest of this post.  It’s still delicious, accent or no accent.

The cinnamon plum sauce in this recipe is something I developed myself on a whim.  One of my favorite memories from my last trip to Germany when I was younger is when my host mom made crepes with sweet plums.  Some I just had with a little lemon and sugar, but those plums have stuck with me for fourteen years.

So, when a friend invited me to their potluck Thanksgiving party, I decided to do something extra special.  I bought as many plums in my school cafeteria as I could get my hands on to recreate that joy that I experienced as a kid for my friends.  I also made a baked lemon pudding that, in my mind, was a flop.  But, my friends ate the whole container of it, so I guess it was a success! 

I was just finishing my plums when I decided to throw some cinnamon in there, for funsies! It was a hit, and I ate the leftovers the next day for breakfast.  I used my extra crepes to wrap up scrambled eggs and jam.  Not together of course!

ImageStart by slicing up some plums into a pan.  I used six huge ones and had a ton of the sauce leftover, so if you’re just making this to experiment, or you have other crepe fillings you also want to use, I would stick with two or three.

Cook them on medium heat until they start to release some of their juice.

ImageAfter a little while, add some sugar.  I probably added about a tablespoon at this point, because I only wanted to encourage the plums to continue releasing all of their goodness.

ImageIf you wanted to, you could stop here.  If you want to have slices of plums for your crepes, I would sprinkle the cinnamon now, cook it for just a few more minutes to get the flavors going, and take it off the heat.  I’ve done it this way before and it’s really, really good.

BUT, that’s not how I roll.  I like to cook my plums into submission.

ImageAnother possible stopping point if you wish, but I just kept on going.

ImageHowever, I did add my cinnamon at this point.  I wanted to get the flavor in there.

ImageJerad (Le Boyfriend) decided that I needed a lot more cinnamon and probably another heaping tablespoon of sugar.  

No, my arms are not that hairy.

ImageAnd that’s it!  I added just a touch of cornstarch to mine because I knew I would be putting most of it in the fridge later (to thicken it), but it’s totally up to you.

ImageThis recipe for crepes is fantastic.  I’ve used it the last few times I made them and it is foolproof.  But, you know me, I can’t resist a dash of vanilla.  I think it is my favorite sneakum’.

ImageLet’s play a game of…..guess what animal that is!


ImageBunny rabbit!

The point is, pretty much every time you make crepes, you have to go through a couple of ugly ones first before you get into a groove.  Don’t fret!

ImageMy finished stack!  I also had a bunch of leftover crepes.  Breakfast anyone?

ImageSo just add your goodies…

ImageRoll ’em up!

ImageAnd if you’re in the mood, add a small sprinkle of sugar!

I got my first burn at the new place making these.  I ended up bumping the handle of my pan and in the process of trying not to drop it onto my bare leg or fall forward into the flame, the edge of the very hot pan singed my arm.  Ouch.

These were yummy enough to put a smile back on my face.

















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