Bonus: Chipotle NOMLETS

I am an egg QUEEN.  Also, I love Chipotle.  So, naturally, I decided to fuse these two awesome things together.

I got a burrito bowl today and it’s always way too much food for me for one sitting.  I ate about half of it and thought to myself, “Hmmm…I could give this to Le Boyfriend as is, or I could make a creative dinner with it.”


Remember the bacon grease I saved from the Perfect Breakfast Sandwich?  Time to break it out.  Put two pans on the stove and add a dollop of bacon nectar, one for eggs, one for your Chipotle goodies.

Don’t you dare put that glorious heap of food in the microwave!


Start heating up your leftovers in one of the pans.  It doesn’t need to be too hot, just enough to get your food sizzling.  My burrito bowl consisted of brown rice, fajita veggies, pinto beans, barbacoa (shredded, spicy, delicious BERF), medium salsa, and some corn.


I know this sounds crazy, but I only used two eggs for the two omelets, total.  I beat them ahead of time with about a third of a cup of milk to loosen them up.  Then I just poured half of the egg mixture into the pan and swirled it around, like a crepe!


Once the egg stops being gooey, put some of your goodies on one side.  This omelet is too thin to fill up the whole thing.  This will make it much easier to fold.


And there you have it!  I had mine just like this, but you could sprinkle some cheese on there, add a dab of guacamole, or add just a dollop….a dollop… a dollop of sour cream.


What do you like to do with your leftovers?



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Hello! My name is Sarah. I'm a violinist and I love everything to do with food. Follow me on my cooking and eating adventures!
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