The Perfect Breakfast Sandwich

Breakfast sandwiches are awesome.  You can fit all of your goodies between a couple slices of carbs and eat them with one hand on the go.  Or, you can be like me and sit on the kitchen floor.  We need to buy some chairs already!

My mom and her mountain man call these Cabin McMuffins.  Since we aren’t up in the mountains in a cabin in the middle of nowhere, my boyfriend has dubbed these Apartment McMuffins.  They are a perfect  balance of salty, cheesy, buttery, and, most importantly, bacon-y.  Because bacon makes the world go ’round (world go ’round, the world go ’round).  Vitamin C flashbacks anyone?



Here’s what you need: english muffins, bacon, cheddar cheese (either your basic Kraft singles or sharp cheddar, I used Sargento), eggs, and butter.



First, cook the bacon.  I cut mine in half so it wouldn’t curl up in the pan.  One issue I’ve had with pan frying my bacon is that it cooks the meat too fast and the fat too slow.  This is what I did to avoid that.  

Put the bacon into a cold, dry pan.  Cook it on low heat nice and slowly so the fat renders off.  From there you can decide how done you like it.  For me, perfect bacon is when it’s fully cooked and the fat isn’t chewy, but it’s still flexible.



At this point you can put your english muffins in the toaster.

Pour off the bacon grease (a couple uses for the stuff at the end of this post) and keep the heat low.  Crack your eggs into the pan.  I like to push my egg whites towards the yolks so they don’t get too spread out.



You have to be gentle with this next part or you’ll have yolk EVERYWHERE.  Use a fork to break the yolks and push them around.  You can split the eggs once the yolk is slightly set.  I do this method because I like a slightly runny yolk, but I don’t like my egg to explode all over me when I bite into it.



For assembly, fold in the corners of your cheese, so when it melts it does so from the middle out instead of getting all over your hands.  Butter your english muffins, and add the ingredients in this order: egg, cheese, bacon.


I like to criss-cross my bacon so I have ultimate bacon coverage. 

That’s it!


  • roast vegetables with it (brussel sprouts, potatoes, asparagus, etc…)
  • cook your eggs in it
  • cook other meats in it
  • spread it on toast
  • lip balm (kinda kidding)
  • body lotion (definitely kidding)

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Hello! My name is Sarah. I'm a violinist and I love everything to do with food. Follow me on my cooking and eating adventures!
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