Salisbury Steak

It’s finally here!

First things first, I have a confession.  I’ve been meaning to start a blog for all the food and fun in my life for about three years, and I only started this now because I only JUST found a title that inspired me.  Whoops.  For me it was almost like naming a baby.  If I had given it the wrong name, it could have turned out to be some punk who shot spitballs at me.
A few quick things about me, then Salisbury Steak!
-My name is Sarah, but I get called Rachel on a weekly basis.
-My blogger inspiration is The Pioneer Woman (  She completes me.
-I’m a violinist and I’ve been playing enough years now that I have trouble counting when people ask how many.
-Feet are gross.
-Mountains rock.
I’ve been looking at this recipe for a few months now, always planning to make it and always putting it off.  I decided that Independence day was the perfect opportunity to make this ridiculously easy and delicious meal.
 The players!  Worcestershire (my love), beef stock, beef bouillon cubes, ketchup, seasoned breadcrumbs, dry mustard, onions, salt, pepper, and not pictured…GRNDDD BERRFF.

Quick side note: This is Tribe Everything Hummus.  It is a limited edition type thing and it is delicious.  It seriously tastes like an everything bagel.  Buy it.  Eat it.

Thanks to my new gas stove, I can use my (boyfriend’s) cast iron skillet without burning everything.  I tried using it on one of those flat top electric stoves.

I burned the crap out of my schnitzel.

Time to put these bad boys aside and cook the onion gravy!

I’ve never actually cooked with beef stock before, but Ree Drummond says it’s okay, and I trust her.

The last steps, putting the patties back into the skillet to smother them with all of the goodness that is this beefy, oniony gravy.

I know Salisbury Steak is traditionally served with mashed potatoes, but I needed something green.  So, I went with some asparagus!  Just line a cookie sheet with foil, spread out the asparagus so it forms an even-ish layer, drizzle with a little olive oil and season however you like.

The lighting in the new place isn’t so great, so I’ll have to work on better pictures than this.
We ate everything in about five minutes.  I will definitely make this again!
If anybody has recommendations for how to make my photos a bit bigger, please leave a comment!

About mygasstove

Hello! My name is Sarah. I'm a violinist and I love everything to do with food. Follow me on my cooking and eating adventures!
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One Response to Salisbury Steak

  1. Karen says:

    Looks delicious! Now I’m hungry!

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